15 Different Types of Coffee Drinks

Earlier people used to have a single flavoured coffee. As in those times only one coffee flavour was available. So they’re a small number of coffee lover groups around the world. While buying coffee people used to ask for coffee only. But now they ask for various different names of coffees. As people got aware of many variations in coffee recipes. They know each coffee variation has a different and unique taste. Also every coffee aficionado knows that each coffee variation process has different brewing methods and techniques. Just because there are different brewing methods it is possible to create variations in coffee tastes. 

About Coffee Variations

There are many different kinds of coffee startups. Each claims to have different methods of preparations and variations. If you taste their sample you would get to know the difference among each one. Some startups have solid coffee products and variations, and some have liquid or gaseous coffee products. As there are increasing coffee lovers in the age group of 15-35 years. Thus there are different taste choices and coffee variation popularity. Coffee variations are directly proportional to the Coffee lovers.

Each coffee flavour has a unique fragrance and taste. As there are many coffee flavours available now, a large population is turning towards coffee. More number of people started liking coffee flavour as they get the variety in coffee beverage. To know how the coffee tastes, you can have latte , cappuccinos, mochas and breves. The taste mainly varies because of milk proportion along with other flavour ingredients. There are endless blends of varieties of espresso drinks that you can customise to the inclinations of your clients.

The Following list covers the unique and famous flavours of coffee

1. Americano 

Americano is presented with a single coffee shot with a hot cup of water. It is a diluted type of coffee shot as we blend water in with a shot of coffee.

2. Breve 

Breve doest not require whole milk. It is a combination of half milk, half cream and latte coffee. It’s an American style latte coffee.

3. Black coffee

Its name describes the coffee color, and taste. Black Coffee is served without milk and sugar. It has a strong coffee taste. People who prefer strong coffee can choose this one.

4. Black Eye

Black Eye is served with a shot of espresso. It is an American style coffee and called Black eye coffee. It is an eye opener as it is strong in taste.

5. Cappuccino

It is served with shots of espresso, foamed milk and steamed milk. It is an Italian variant of coffee drink. There is a collection of frosty lather on the top of the drink. Cappuccino can be served with cinnamon artwork on the top of a coffee mug or coffee. It is famous for its artwork too. It is popular among youngsters.

6. Cafe Latte

It is served with a shot of espresso and three shots of steamed milk having froth on the top.

7. Chai Latte

It is served with a combination of a shot of espresso with one shot of tea. Chai Latte is the perfect combination of tea and coffee.

8. Cafe au Lait

Cafe au Lait is made with the proportion of 1:1 espresso and brewed coffee with steamed milk.

9. Cortado

Cortado is made with the equal proportion ie. 1:1 of steamed milk and espresso shot. It is a Spanish style coffee. However, it reduces the acidity of the coffee.

10. Espresso

Espresso drink doesn’t include milk. Yet, contains strong levels of coffee beans pressed. Coffee beans are made with espresso machines and pressurised steam of hot water through the beans. There are many flavours of the coffee. The use of Espresso made it possible.

11. Frappe

This drink is a combination of cold espresso shot sugar with the milk and with other flavours. This drink as a result comes blended in a thick frosty drink. Frappe is a cold drink similar to milkshakes.

12. Irish Coffee

It is an Irish variant of coffee. It is a cocktail drink containing a blend of a shot brewed coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and cream.

13. Iced Coffee

The name itself describes its nature. It is a combination of brewed shots of sugar, milk and ice or ice cream.

14. Macchiato

This coffee comes with stains or spots on it. This drink has 4:1 proportion of espresso and milk. The milk added here is for formality. The main aim is to have stain shade on the coffee or to form a foam on it.

15. Mocha Cafe

It has a combination of espresso shot, chocolate syrup or powder and steamed milk. Mocaccino is its popular name. Chocolate and coffee lovers prefers this Mocha Cafe. Mocha cafe is a variant of chocolate flavour latte.

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